Here are some   French words that relate to fall.  Have your kids draw pictures for each vocabulary.  Use your imagination and have fun with it.



Il fait frais- it is cool

Quelle est la saison- what is the season

C’est l’automne- it is fall

Saison- season


Potiron- pumpkin

Curriculum tie in for Marie and Her Friend the Sea Turtle

 Curriculum Tie-In For Marie and her Friend the Sea Turtle


Did you know something mysterious happens as you read?

As you read through this story written in English/French/Spanish you will encounter
many knew words.  Do the pre and post reading activities, these will help you understand and

learn some new French and Spanish words.

ACTIVITY ONE:   FINE ARTS TIE IN :   RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN ART AND TEXT IN PICTURE BOOKS/ PRE- READING-   Before reading the story look over the pictures on the following pages and see if you can guess what is going on.

Page 2- What is the girl doing?

Page 6- What is the girl staring at?

Page12- Why do you think the girl is pushing the turtle?

Page16- Can you guess why the girl is so surprised?

Page 20- What are the adults talking about?

Page 22- Why is the girl crying?

Page 26- Why do you suppose the girl is now smiling and happy?

Page 28- What are the adults doing with the turtle?

Now go back and read the story, compare your answers to what really happened in the story.

ACTIVITY TWO :   LANGUAGE ARTS TIE IN : IDENTIFYING WORDS  AND COMPARING MEANING OF  WORDS/ POST READING-   After you  are done reading the story, see if you can find the English meaning for the following Spanish words.

Muchacha, nombre,  mañana, tareas, isla, sol, brillar, Nuevo, tortuga, descubrimiento, mar, enorme, suavemente, noche, estómago, brazos, guisado, ojos, diamantes.   Now compare the Spanish meaning to the French.


  1. What is the name of the first black republic?
  2. What year did that country become independent?
  3. Who is Toussaint L’Ouverture?
  4.  Where is Hispanoila located?
  5. Can you name the two countries that make up Hispanoila?
  6. Which part of Hispanoila speaks French and Creole?
  7.  Which part of Hispaniola speaks Spanish?
  8. What is the weather like? Is it hot or cold?

BOOK REVIEW: Sue L. Toussaint, principal at Adams 12 school district, Denver Colorado

This is a well written, unique, children’s book. My daughter was most interested in the illustrations, which are beautiful. I really enjoy how the different languages are written on each page to allow for bilingual and trilingual children to read all of the translations as they are reading the book. It is a fun book to read, both my seven year old and my two year old were engaged by it.

BOOK REVIEW: Donna McDine, award winning children’s author

The wonder and beauty of the ocean draws Marie to the beach each day in the hunt for the perfect seashell. Her adventures bring her to the best location on the island. Delighted to catch a glimmer in the distance, Marie rushes to retrieve what she believes will be the most beautiful seashell ever. To her surprise she finds a stranded sea turtle, who oddly enough communicates his frustration of being stuck on the beach. With love and determination Marie seeks a way to release the sea turtle back to his home in the ocean.

Written in English, French, and Spanish children’s author, Nicole Weaver reaches many cultures and pulls at children’s hearts in their love and wonderment of the world around them. Illustrator, Ruben Chavez further brings the story alive with his colorful illustrations which certainly will make the reader yearn for their own beach adventures.